The BBQ Kings are:

Costas Halavrezos- bass, vocals

Was it cozying up to the warmth of the RCA Globetrotter radio as a child? Playing B-sides of 45s on the jukebox in his parents’ coffee shop? Piano lessons with the Sisters of Charity? Sax in the high school band? Who knows? Costas Halavrezos can’t imagine an hour of life without music and has found his spiritual home laying down the bass line for The BBQ Kings.

Doug Barron – drums, vocals, guitar, percussion

Doug has been producing music, film and art since the mid 70’s when he arrived in Halifax in a chocolate brown Volkswagen bug with a set of drumsticks and a casio keyboard. Since 1997 Doug has worked as technician, producer and occassional host on the wildly popular CBC Radio show Weekend Mornings. Doug’s tight & funky drumming keeps the Kings’ live show moving. Doug’s voice-over page is here.

Mario Bradet – drums, percussion, vocals

Multi-instrumentalist Mario has been gigging with various Maritime bands for over twenty years, but thankfully now finds his musical outlet with the Kings. A typical live set will find him armed with his frottoir covering every square inch of the venue.

Dan D’Eon – keys, vocals, guitar

Dan’s the new guy. He’s awesome.

Rob Hutten – guitar, vocals

Rob obsesses over scratchy music your grandpappy would find old-fashioned, but secretly he’s never met a funk riff he didn’t like.

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